Solve Your $290 Billion Problem

Returned goods are a frustrating inevitability of doing business. More than $290 billion worth of goods are returned annually, costing retailers and consumer brands an estimated 4.4% of revenue. And in-house returns programs tend to drain time, capital, and labor resources more effectively spent on your core business.
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Proven Returns Management Process

Receive and Process Goods

Our vast fulfillment center network receives your goods in all categories and volumes; reconciles them to the manifests; captures key information; and grades, tests, and sorts them into sellable groups based on quality and functionality. This efficient, technology-driven process allows you to expediently credit customers and vendors for returns.

Apply Value-Add Services

We add value to the returns process by refurbishing select goods to increase recovery potential, mitigating risk through data removal, and protecting your brand in the secondary market with debranding, delabeling, and repackaging solutions.

Select and Move Goods Through Appropriate Disposition Channels

Returned goods can be returned to vendor or stock, sold to new buyers in the secondary market, recycled, destroyed, or donated. Wherever your goods are heading, we get them there efficiently by intelligently applying your business rules to our automated returns flow. If you’re selling goods in the secondary market, we identify the right mix of recommerce channels to optimize recovery, speed, and brand protection.

Efficiently Fulfill Orders

Our vast fulfillment network, warehouse management technology, and logistics best practices ensure your goods reach their final destinations quickly and efficiently – whether those destinations are vendor partners, new owners, or recycling plants.

Monitor and Measure Program Effectiveness

Comprehensive reporting helps you measure success and continuously enhance your program. We work with you to define success metrics, then regularly present you with reports customized to your needs, scalable from overview to granular detail level, and viewable by different team functions.

Simplify Returns Management
with Liquidity Services

Areas of Returns Management We Solve:
Liquidity Services partners with leading retailers and consumer brands to optimize their returns management programs globally.
  • Receipt, Processing, and Reconciliation
  • Sorting, Grading, and Testing
  • Refurbishment
  • Data Wiping
  • Repackaging
  • Brand Protection
  • Return to Vendor
  • Returned Merchandise Authorization
  • Return to Stock
  • Recommerce
  • Recycling, Certified Destruction, and Donation
  • Fulfillment
  • Program Reporting
Free Up Resources to Focus on Growth

By handling every aspect of returns management, we help you free up capital, storage space, employee bandwidth, time, technology, and logistics resources to concentrate on core business.

Strengthen and Protect Brand Identity

An excellent returns experience strengthens your brand with consumers. Our fast, seamless returns processing creates positive brand impressions, resulting in loyalty and increased sales.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

Our scalable processes and best practices allow you to reduce program labor, IT, and fulfillment costs while boosting profits through efficient processing and crediting of goods to your bottom line.

Customize and Scale Program to Your Needs

Do you need a complete receiving-through-reporting solution, or just help with fulfillment or sale? Do you have five stores or five thousand? Whatever your needs and situation, we customize our offerings to meet them.

Benefit from Our Expertise

Sophisticated technology, a robust data warehouse network, experience managing returns for top retailers and consumer brands – we apply our considerable expertise to ensure your program operates with maximum effectiveness.

Improve Sustainability

Looking to increase reuse and recycling? Aiming for a “zero waste” goal? Through automated rules, certified recycling processes, and enhanced product grading, we seamlessly integrate sustainability into your program without detracting from the bottom line.

Reduce Regulatory Risk

Illicit buyers and sensitive customer data are considerable risks for retailers and consumer brands managing returns. With industry-best data wiping processes, continuous buyer screening, and compliance and industry expertise, we protect your organization and its reputation from all relevant risks.

Continuously Enhance Program

Our comprehensive reporting capabilities and continual investment in new technologies ensure your program always operates as effectively as possible.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.